New Technology! Cone Beam Imaging helps Implant Placement

Jennie and our new cone beam
Jennie and our new cone beam
Jennie and our new cone beam

In order to provide the best implant services possible we have upgraded our digital panoramic x-ray unit (the wrap around x-ray in the hall) to a newer unit that takes a digital panoramic x-ray, digital cephalometric x-rays (for orthodontics), and cone beam images for dental implants.

The cone beam or CBCT creates a 3D image that can be viewed from any perspective. The 3D images will allow for your implants to be planned and provided for you with the highest degree of confidence. While not absolutely mandatory, the cone beam provides a wealth of information beyond what the 2D image the panoramic provides. It will allow for guids for  implant surgeries in cosmetically critical situations, and will let me do follow up imaging of placements without referring you out of the office for either procedure.

At the Comprehensive Implant Residency Program we used CBCT imaging to plan treatment for our patients and then took follow up scans to confirm our implant placement results. Having the cone beam in office makes it easy to follow those same steps. I feel this is a great way to ensure the quality of our implant treatment.

The CBCT can also be used for diagnosis when trying to deal with a toothache whose origin could be a cracked tooth. It can also reveal sinus problems such a pseudo cysts, etc.. The 3D images are also great for determining where wisdom teeth roots are located in relation to the mandibular nerve or the sinus. If you look at the example scan we just took you’ll see a wisdom tooth very close to the sinus with an extremely curvy root. These are conditions that require taking extra care and planning if removing this tooth.

The CBCT is a relatively new way for us to examine dental conditions. It provides information that just wasn’t available before. We are always looking for ways to enhance the treatment we provide for our patients and know this will be of great value.